8 Week Online Bikini Body Challenge

This challenge is designed to help any ladies out there achieve their dream Bikini Body!
If you have struggled in the past with weight loss, body reshaping and food management then look no further!

Created and designed by Personal Trainer, BSN Team Athlete and RIBBF Bikini Fitness Champion, Jessi Kavanagh.

“ I have spent nearly 10 years in the fitness industry helping clients achieve results they never thought possible. I have finally produced an online package that can reach clients worldwide, helping them change their lives through weight loss and fitness forever”



So, Why does it work? The challenge is designed to give maximum weight loss in the shortest time period safely and effectively.

Starting with nutrition! The meal plans require regular meals all detailed in an easy to follow plan. You will receive a list of every single meal, including what to eat and how much. Many people struggle with portion control, never mind what foods are good or bad, so this ensures you are eating exactly what your body requires to recover properly from each workout; turning your body into a fat burning machine!


  • All Plans Emailed in Full to you Directly
  • Fully detailed Workout Plan (Home or Gym available)
  • Easy to follow structured Nutrition Plan
  • Shopping List
  • Private community FB Page to share progress and thoughts with other challengers
  • 24/7 Access to Jessi For help and support via Page
  • 24/7 Access to Jessi For help and support via Page
  • Weekly Online Check ins to monitor progress including Pictures
  • New Workout plans at week 4 to ensure progression
  • New and varied meal plans at week 4 to ensure continued success

PHASE 1 (WEEK 1-4)

Weeks 1-4 often see the most drastic drop in over all body weight. The food plan is kept simple and easy to follow for someone who is totally new to healthy eating, yet varied enough for ladies who have a smaller amount of fat to burn and want to focus on body reshaping and toning.

The workout plans are designed for maximum effect, in the shortest time period, so you are only required to be in the gym for a maximum of 40 minutes, 3 times per week.

Previous challengers have seen an overall weight loss of up to 13lbs in this section of the Challenge. Not to mention 4 inches off the waist, tummy and hips.


This is where the plan will start to progress!! The food plan will get more varied helping you transition back into regular eating patterns with your new healthy options to continue for life. Although the plan always requires you eat every 3-4 hours (so you are never hungry) you will be given a much wider variety of food to choose from!

The workouts also change too! To ensure your body stays fired up throughout, you will be given a new exercise plan to work from! This ensures continued results in regards to fat burning and we start to really focus on the reshaping of the body!

Challengers have previously seen the same results again in this phase, resulting in a total loss of 24lbs !!!! That’s a drop in 2 dress sizes!”


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