See How Sabrina Lost a Total of 25lbs in only 8 Weeks! After trying all the fad diets and pills on the market with no success, she finally achieved the results she was searching for!

I first joined the challenge in March 2015. I had just finished my degree at University and had booked a well deserved trip to Australia with my friends!

I had exactly 8 weeks to go until I left the UK on my travels. The only problem I had was my weight. Due to the notoriously unhealthy life style of uni, I had gained 2 stone through poor eating habits, too much alcohol and extremely high stress levels due to my workload.

I honestly didn’t think the results I achieved were even possible at the time. I had seen previous participants results online but never though I could actually achieve what I did!! However Jessi assured me that if I did exactly as she said for the 8 weeks the results would come!!

On the Friday prior to starting I received my new Workout Programme, nutritional plans, shopping lists and recipes to follow for the next 8 weeks. I was then added to the private Facebook page. I will be honest, I was a little apprehensive about posting my pictures for the others to see, but once we all started chatting I realized we were all in the same
boat!!! In fact, one of the major keys to my success was having the daily support from not just Jessi, but the other participants too!

When Monday came it was time to post my starting pictures on the Private Facebook group. These are posted every Monday along with body weight and messurements. I now look back at that photo and cant believe my eyes!!!

The workouts were tough but doable!!! They only required 3 gym visits per week and were short and sweet sessions! So I found it really easy to fit in!!! On my days away from the gym I was told to do 2 morning walks…that’s it!!!!

The slightly more challenging part was the diet. There was so much food! I was used to eating breakfast, lunch and dinner! Sometimes I would go half the day without food then eat massive amounts in the evenings!

Jessi explained to us all the importance of regular eating. We had 5 meals per day…and the option for a sixth if we were still hungry! I was given set meal plans to follow so I knew exactly what to eat every day with no confusion. There was also an options list for each meal so we could mix and match each day for variety!

Each week I saw my body change and respond to the plan. It was unbelievable. My clothes got looser and looser each week and I have to say it really boosted my confidence.

The biggest change for me was when I had my first night out! My family and friends had organized a leaving party for me….Australia was only 1 week away! I was 7 weeks into the challenge and I couldn’t believe it…..I put on my my new outfit and had lots of pictures taken with family and friends. I didn’t recognize myself!!!! I looked…and felt…like a different person!


The final day of the challenge I took my pictures, weighed in and checked my meassurments. Jessi had asked us to post our pictures side by side with our very first pictures. I was shocked! I had lost a total of 25LBS in only 8 weeks. Not to mention 7.5 inches off my tummy. 8.5 inches off my thighs, 4 inches off my hips and 8 inches off my thighs!!!! I left for
Australia the following day feeling like a new person!

Jessi also made sure we knew how to continue with our healthy lifestyle after the challenge finished…… I lost another 5 LBS while on holidays in Australia! Now I am back I will continue with my healthy eating and exercise for life!



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