For Asia, weight loss was never the target! However she completely transformed her body from a soft, bloated size 8-10 to a lean and toned size 8. Check out her transformation!

After months and months of eating whatever I wanted to, not to mention an excessive amount of alcohol, I noticed my usually lean body starting to change. I was always someone who could eat everything and anything without any noticeable difference to my shape. However, once I got into my early twenties, things started to really change. Although I would have never been considered overweight, my body started holding fat around my tummy and legs. My clothes did not fit like they used to and my body looked soft and out of shape. I decided before things got out of control, I needed to change.

I decided to join Jessi’s 8 Week Online Bikini Body Challenge to give me the push I needed.

It was all so easy! I enquired online and was sent all the plans via email. The food was so different to what I was used to! In comparison to eating rubbish all day this was going to be a big change for me.

I was added to the group page and this put me completely at ease! Seeing all the other girls ask the questions I was thinking, but didn’t want to ask really made me feel I was not alone in this new challenge!

After only 1 week I noticed a huge difference. All the bloating was totally gone from my tummy and after week 4 I looked like a different person!

I lost 12lbs in weight (a huge amount for me) and my body totally transformed! I finally feel like myself again and still can’t believe the results I achieved in such little time!


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