With only 3 30 minute One To One Personal training sessions each week, Ailish dropped 30 lbs in weight, 3 dress sizes and over 25 inches off her Tummy, hips and thighs! Check out her amazing story!

I’ve always had bad eating habits. I would go days without eating then when I did, it was crisps and take aways! I lived off coffee and red bull instead offproper meals and drank a lot of alcohol.
I’ve never been happy with my weight. I was always looking for a quick fix trying the latest crash diet! I would lose the weight and then pile back on twice as much!
So I decided to do something about it, something that would work the healthy way.

So, when I found Jessi on facebook and did a little research I knew this was the approach I wanted to take this time!
I was very apprehensive about contacting Jessi. I just thought she would be quiet judgemental of how unhealthy I was but that was most definitely not the case!
Once I spoke to Jessi over the phone I was put completely at ease and didn’t feel so much of a lost cause!

Following up on the phone call She came to my house and talked me trough everything from the food to excercise and we went from there! She told me not to worry about the workouts, that was her job! We decided 3 Personal training sessions per week would get me the results I wanted!

The nutrition on the other hand was my job to look after! In fact, the first meeting in my home was pretty much all about the food! She asked me so many questions about my current diet. From there she gave me a full nutrition plan to work from and went through it step by step so I couldn’t go wrong!

The motivation she gives you is amazing and that’s exactly what I needed.
I have learned so much from Jessi about exercising and dieting the right way.

I am now down two stone and have had a total lifestyle change and couldn’t thank her enough for what she has done for me.
I would highly recomend Jessi for any one looking to make that change and get fit and healthy.



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