After dealing with some health issues and a rapid weight gain due to stress, Anna has now lost a total of 5 Stone!!!! Check out her story below on how how she lost the weight with just 3 one to one personal training sessions a week and a shift in eating habits!!

My name is Anna. After finishing my course in December 14, I began to look for work. I started to feel overwhelmed by the pressure of the job hunt and began to feel like a failure. So I turned to food for comfort. I became more reclusive and began to isolate myself as I ate more and more my anxiety grew. I was putting weight on rapidly and knew there was something wrong but was in total denial. I kept saying to myself I will start a diet tomorrow and get back to myself as putting on any weight to me was a nightmare. It took me 8 months of being shut off from the world to eventually seek help and go to my gp. I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and binge eating disorder. I was referred to a psychologist to work on my mental health and once I had a hold on that , I knew I wanted to tackle my weight as well for health reasons. There was no way at nearly 16stone and with very low self esteem that I was going to walk into a gym at this point. I also needed help as I was so out of shape that even walking was incredibly tough. So then I found Jessi online who is a personal trainer. I took the big step of contacting her and she met with me for a consultation. I told her my story and she was very supportive and motivating. Absolutely no judgement from her. So we discussed the nutrition plan and I was happily surprised by it as 1 you got a cheat meal once a week so no restrictions and 2 it was food that I actually liked with all food groups in it. A balanced meal plan! Not some ridiculous deprivation diet which I have done in the past. It was a realistic, well balanced meal plan. We began Training 3 times a week. I remember in my first session I could barely do a squat- we used the couch to sit and stand. I also couldn’t do a plank but Jessi altered each exercise to my level and was very motivating and encouraging. The first session was tough but very doable as it was to my level of fitness. I also like that sessions are 30 mins as you get it over and done with. There is no slaving away in the gym for an hour or more. I started with Jessi at the end of November and so far I have lost 3 stone with her but feel so much healthier! I am getting myself back! I have had ups and downs as weight loss journeys are not easy or straight forward like some websites will tell you and no detox diet or pill will make you slim. They take time and it’s also a learning process. Eating balanced meal plans and exercise is what it takes and the food is actually lovely. Jessi is very knowledgable about nutrition as well as exercise and you learn so much from her! I am still focusing on weight loss as I have another 3 stone or so to go but trust me slow and steady is better as the goal is to maintain the results. I will continue to work with Jessi as she is an amazing trainer and motivator!